Marina Guseva: Strong team spirit is a key to success of the Ugra team

The Russian Marina Guseva won her 6th round game against Maria Fominykh, and shared her impressions about the tournament.

– I am very happy to participate. Let’s see how it works out, but I am starting to like it. Don’t have any ambitions, just want to do my best, and I will be very happy to win a prize. As for the last game, I thought I was better in the opening, but then I misplayed with my knights and lost a pawn. I tried to complicate things, and lost another pawn. And then Maria claimed she didn’t get extra seconds after her move. We stopped the clocks and called for an arbiter. Probably this incident ruined her concentration. Soon she blundered badly and had to resign.

– The Ugra team won the Russian team championship. What was the key to your success?

– I think it is our strong team spirit first of all. We are very thankful to Pavel Vladimirovich Lobach, who created an excellent atmosphere. He is very nice to everybody and skilfully picks the players. First we had only one big scorer – Olga Girya. Then she was replaced by Natalia Pogonina. Then Victoria Cmilyte joined the team and showed an outstanding performance – five out of five!

– What are your expectations from the European Club Cup?

– We already had a third and a second place. Now we want to challenge Monaco and compete for the gold. I know it is going to be hard, but we are ready to fight.