The medal-winners of the championship telling about their tournament progress

Nana Dzagnidze and Tatiana Kosintseva took the second and the third places at the Women’s World Blitz Championship respectively.

Nana Dzagnidze (Georgia):

– This wasn’t my best day, but I am more or less satisfied with my play. I didn’t do so well in the Grand Prix and Rapid Championship, so this is my best achievement here. The second place is an excellent result, I am satisfied with it. I fell very tired right now and miss my baby, so I want to return home.

Tatiana Kosintseva (Russia):

– I started the tournament poorly, with many unexpected mistakes and losses. My initial goal was to play for a win, but after the first day there was no chance for the gold. So I decided to simply enjoy the game and have fun. I played better on the next two days, but it is important to play consistently throughout the tournament. Anna Muzychuk did it better than everybody else, so her win is legitimate.