Nafisa Muminova: No deep thoughts during the game!

-  Women Grand Prix tournament has been finished just three days ago, now you playing Rapid and Blitz almost without a break. How do you feel?
-  I like to play fast chess with short time control, and this is the first world rapid and blitz championship for me. That’s why I’m very excited!
-   How easily you’ve switched from classic to rapid chess?
-   here were no any problems for me. Sometimes I go into deep thoughts, but then I realize that I have to play faster.
-  Which games can you mention as the most interesting so far?
-  The first day was luckier for me than the second one, because today I lost 2 games in a row, but I will try to do all my best. Yesterday’s game against Aleksandra Goryachkina was quite outstanding for me. Playing black, I had managed to sacrifice a piece and mated to my opponent.