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Kateryna Lagno: “Today I was lucky”

The new World Rapid Champion from Ukraine commented the results of the Championship in Khanty-Mansiysk.

– It was a very tough tournament. I still don’t understand why we needed 15 rounds with 34 players. Is was a marathon!

– Last year you participated in the Open World Rapid Championship in Khanty-Mansiysk, did that experience help you?

– I think it was a good training. I had very strong opponents in the first half. Surviving 15 rounds is a good experience.

– Winning the title – what does it mean for you?

– I already was a World Blitz Champion. In 2012 I had a very sad experience at the Rapid Championship in Batumi, when I blundered a mate in one against Stefanova. Today I was lucky – Valentina Gunina blundered mate in one against me in the last round game.

– Before the final round there were five leaders. What did you say to yourself before the last game?

– I am already a very experienced player, so I try not to think about the result. I wasn’t really nervous, which actually surprised me. The only thing that bugs me is that I didn’t play a quality game, my position was worse.

– How do you restore your energy between games?

– I try to sleep more and rest more. I was horribly tired after the Grand Prix.

– In 2010 you won the World Blitz Championship, in 2014 won the World Rapid Championship, does it mean you are doing to win the classical chess championship in 2018?

– Of course it is my goal, and I want to say yes, but unfortunately I cannot guarantee it.

– Maybe it will take place in Khanty-Mansiysk, which seems to be your lucky town…

– Before this tournament it wasn’t lucky at all – I just regularly lost early in the knock-outs. Now the situation has improved (smiles).

– How do you plan to celebrate and how you will spend your prize money?

– I have no plans so far – the Blitz Championship is coming. The celebration will take place after the Blitz Championship. I have a little son, and he always gets a present, no matter if I win something or not.