Blitz is all about fun and blunders because when you have only 3 minutes per game with 2 seconds increment, anything can happening. We will provide some diagrams that are interesting but also with blunder alerts as well.

Gaponenko v Stefanova 0-1

Gaponenko v Stefanova

Black just has played 42…g5 and Gaponenko misses the move 43. Bc2 which can still hold a little longer but instead played 42.Qe3 which blunder the Rook on a4 away.

Lagno v Ambartsumova 1-0









Ambartsumova has just 39……Nxd5 which leads to mate in 2 with 40. Qxh6+ Kg8 41. Qxg7#

Ubiennykh v Khotenashvili 1-0

Ubiennykh v Khotenashvili

Khotenashvili missed the simple 46……Rxf2+ 47. Qxf2 Qxc7. She played 46…Qb2 47. Qf7 c1Q?? (after 47…Rf2 it was a draw) 47. Qg8#

Charochkina v Lagno 0-1

Charochkina v Lagno








Would you believe it if it was mate in 2 from this position? Well it is through blunders of course. 40…….hxg4 41.Nh4 Qg1#

Dzagnidze v M. Muzychuk 1-0

Dzagnidze v Muzychuk

22.Ng5! in this position is a very strong move.  The f7 pawn is under attack and the h1-a8 diagonal becomes strong as well. 22…Bc8 23. Rb5 Bd7 24. Bc6 +/-

M. Muzychuk v Dzagnidze 0-1

M Muzychuk v Dzagnidze

Afer 27…Be3 28. Kh1 White can hold the position. But 27…..Nf4! winning immediately.

Zhao v Zhukova 1-0

Zhao v Zhukova








White just has played 28. e5 and Black could follow 28…Bf5 with better position. But they went 28…Nd5 makes the game better and easier for white to play.

 Dronavalli v Krush 1-0

Dronavalli v Krush

This position is better for Black because of the extra pawn. Black should play 38…Be6 but instead plays 38…Rb7 39…Bb7 +/-

Dzagnidze v A Muzychuk 0-1

Dzagnidze v A Muzychuk

White just played 10. Be2 and this is a mistake. Now Black has a forceful attack with 10….. c3 11. Nb3 c2 12. Qd4 Bb4+

 Paehtz v Kosintseva 1-0

Paehtz v Kosintseva

Engines say it is a drawn position but of cause White has a good practical chances to win. The game finished a couple of moves later from this position and this is how it was done: 66…Nb5? (better was 66. Nf7) 67. Nxe5 Nd4 68. Nf3+

Stefanova v Kosteniuk 1-0

Stefanova v Kosteniuk

Very interesting to see that Black has hardly any moves to play here and after 26.Rcb1 Black will be losing the b-pawn and the game.

Girya v Gunina 0-1


Black finds the mating attack after White’s mistake 31. Ne2 (better was 31. gxf5). Here is the attack: 31……Qa1+ 32. Bf1 Nf3+ and after White plays 33.Kg2 Black replies with Ne1+ and winning the queen.

Kashlinskaya v Drozdova 0-1

Kashlinskaya v Drozdova

White to play and Kashlinskaya resigned on her 58th move. Even though there is a fork, it is actually winning for white after she plays 58.Kg2 Rb1 59. Rd3 Kg8

Popova v Fominykh 1-0

Popova v Fominykh

The position is about equal but Black should play quite accurate. Here Fominykh makes the bad move 38….g4 (better was 38…Qe8) as now White has played 39.Ra1 with the decisive attack. The next couple of moves were 39…Kc8 40. Ra8+ Kc7 +/-


Games selected by Jamie Kenmure.