гиря эльдар

Olga Girya: I was helped here by my native atmosphere

Unexpectedly for many Ugra chess player Olga Girya has won the bronze medal of the World rapid championship.

– Olga, what are your first impressions?

– I am very happy!

– Did you plan to finish in the top three?

– No, not at all. My results in rapid chess are shaky, just look at my low rating. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to aim for before the tournament, and decided that scoring 10 points should be enough. And I collected exactly 10 points!

– Was it a hard tournament?

– Not hard, but very tiring. I played in the Grand Prix before it, and it was not easy to adjust for speed chess. First games were especially hard, and concluding games of each day, too. The last round game is the most memorable.

– Third place in the Rapid Championship, second place in the Grand Prix – can your explain your recent progress?

– To be honest, I cannot say I work more than before. Perhaps playing on my home soil helped me. Finally I show some stability!

– Do you prefer classical chess, rapid or blitz?

– It is hard to compare. I like everything, but maybe I prefer rapid, because it is the most emotional.

– Tomorrow in the next tournament. Is it going to be even tougher?

– Of course. After the Grand Prix we were on form, and those who just arrived were somewhat rusty. Now we are very tired, so the chances become more even.

– Have you communicated with your trainer during the tournament?

– Many thanks to my trainer! I recalled his words many times during the games, although usually I try to concentrate hard. In two games I used the ideas he taught me prior to the tournament. There wasn’t any special training before the event, just a regular training session with the Russian team, but it helped me a lot.

– What are you plans for the nearest future?

– Right now I am working on my thesis. I study at the Russian State Social University at the Social Pedagogy department.

– Do your teachers take in mind that you a professional sportsman?

– Of course. I am allowed to do some of the assignments on my own, at home. Naturally, it is hard to do the homework during tournaments, I have no energy left after the games.

– Do your teachers and other students follow your results?

– Yes, we have a very friendly group, and other students are very interested about my results. They are very supportive and helpful.