Tatiana Kosintseva: “The cost of a mistake in blitz is very high”

The Russian grandmaster Tatiana Kosintseva, who is currently on the 8th place, gave a press-conference after the Day Two of the World Blitz Championship.

– Tatiana, how did the second day go for you?

– The last match was a bit bitter, because I had a totally winning position with two extra pawns in the first game, but blundered the perpetual. This somewhat knocked me down, I played poorly in the second game and rightfully lost it.

– Did it affect your mood?

– Of course, after I miss such opportunities, it leaves an unpleasant feeling, especially when you lose a winning position on time. But of course this is blitz, we are all short on time, and the cost of a mistake is very high. It’s a struggle, it’s blitz.

– Does your sister help you during the tournament?

– Nadya is very busy right now – she gave birth to a girl recently. But of course we keep it touch, she follows my progress here and supports me greatly.

– What is your mood before the concluding day of the championship?

– I will keep fighting, just as I did before, and let’s see what happens.