Antoaneta Stefanova: “I’ll try to have a good sleep!”

The ex-World champion, the winner of the World Rapid Championship 2012 Antoaneta Stefanova came to the press-center after the conclusion of the second day of the World Blitz Championship.

– Antoaneta, how did you do today?

– I played terribly and scored only +1. In some games I won on a sheer luck. Perhaps tomorrow my brain will function better.

– Did you play better on the first game?

– It goes without saying! Yesterday I scored +5. Such schedule is not easy – a Grand Prix event, then 15 rapid games, and now a handful of blitz games. Tiredness definitely plays its role, although many of my competitors are in the same situation. I don’t understand why we should play so many rounds when there are just 34 players. Previously we played only 11 rounds in rapid and 10 double-rounds in blitz. However, these are the rules, we can do nothing about it. I’ll just do my best.

– And yet you are tied for the third now…

– We shall study the tournament table after the Day three.

– Are you disappointed about not finishing in the top three in the Rapid Championship?

– Of course I hoped for a medal. I was among the leaders for the entire tournament, but the last day was unlucky for me. Still, sharing the third place in not the end of the world, although I really wanted to defend my title and cannot consider the 4th place a satisfactory result.

– How will you relax and prepare for the deciding day?

– I will sleep! (Laughs.) There are just a few games left, but the opponents are very strong. After the dinner I’ll watch some movie and try to have a good sleep.

– Thank you and good luck!