Olga Griya: “I am just enjoying the game”

The Ugra-raised grandmaster Olga Girya came to the press-center after the second day of the World Rapid Championship. Olga was a true hero of the day, scoring 3 points in 5 games against very strong opponents.

-Yesterday you started not very succesfully, and today you jumped to the 4th place. How did you make it?
- Yesterday I lost the first game, but then played more or less okay. Today I had a better start, got 2 points in 3 games. I played a good game with Alexandra Kosteniuk. Unfortunately, I was unable to win the last round game.
-What do you think affected the outcome of that game? Tiredness?
- Maybe, but maybe just my carelessness.
- Did you follow a certain strategy in those games you won?
- No, I don’t have any strategy, I am just enjoying the game. I thought about bringing the computer with me to prepare for the next games, but then decided that I won’t score any points at all this way.
-Were there any changes compared to yesterday?

- I cannot say I played better today. Maybe the opponents today were stronger. Hopefully I will have enough energy to finish the tournament well. There are five more games to play, and then we’ll play blitz. Perhaps I’ll compete for the gold, 6.5/10 is a decent result.