Kateryna Lagno: “Everything will be decided on the last day”

After the second day of the World Rapid Championship Kateryna Lagno shares the first place with Antoaneta Stefanova and Alexandra Kosteniuk, all with 7 points. Having defeated the Russian Tatiana Kosintseva, Kateryna answered the press-center questions.

– The first two days are in the books. What did work out for you, and what didn’t?

– It is too early to say, as there are five more rounds to go. I remember the men’s championship – Ian Nepomniachtchi was 2.5 points ahead after the second day, but still failed to win. Then I realized that the third day is indeed crucial. We have almost no gap between the leaders, and anything can happen in the next five rounds.

– Are you happy about your result and quality of play?

– Cannot say anything about the quality, because we are playing rapid chess. I’ll analyze the games when I return home. I think today I had an overwhelming position against Maria Muzychuk, but somehow missed the advantage later. In general my current result matches my expectation, so everything is okay.

стефанова болгария

Antoaneta Stefanova, current Women’s World Champion in rapid chess.

We are playing here 5 rounds per day and it’s very tiring. I don’t know whose idea was to have so tough schedule and of course the quality of the games is not so high. In my last game against Tatiana Kosintseva I had very bad position but then we were both in time trouble and she blundered. Of course I came here to defend my title of Women’s World Champion in rapid, otherwise why to play here.