Nana Dzagnizde: “Everything works out well when my mood is good”

The Georgian player Nana Dzagnidze visited the press-center after the end of the second day of the World Blitz Championship.

– How do you feel after two days of blitz? How did you produce such an excellent score?

– I started well yesterday, but lost on time against Antoaneta, which was very disappointing. All in all, I am satisfied with my score. Today was a nice day, but everything will be decided tomorrow.

– Are you comfortable with the time control? Did you practice with it in advance?

– I enjoy playing blitz. I often play with this time control with my trainer, and it helped here.

– Many strong players practice blitz online, and 3+2 control is quite popular there…

– I don’t play much on the net anymore. Generally I think I am stronger in blitz than in classical or rapid chess.

– How did the Rapid Championship go for you?

– Of course I am not satisfied with my result in the Rapid Championship. I could do much better. I missed many chances in good positions, but now I can only think about blitz.

– What qualities are required to succeed in blitz?

– One should calculate variations quickly, and I think having good intuition is also important.

– Some people play considerably worse on a bad day. Does your mood affect your results?

– For me everything depends on my emotions. Everything works out well when my mood is good. And if not, then things go out of control. However, I think one’s mood in more important in women’s chess. In men’s chess it is probably different.

– Tomorrow is a very important day. Are you going to prepare for it in a special way?

– Today I’ll do all I can to improve my mood for tomorrow, and if I succeed, everything should be fine.