Blitz is all about fun and blunders because when you have only 3 minutes per game with 2 seconds increment, anything can happening. We will provide some diagrams that are interesting but also with blunder alerts as well.

Gunina v Stefanova 1-0

Gunina v Stefanova

Gunina didn’t went to 24. Bxc5 leading to a much better endgame for her. If 24.Bxc5 was played the continuation would be 24……Bxc5 25.Bxd3 Bxf2 26. Bxf5 Bxg1 27.Kxg1. She played 24. Bf3 Rac8 25. g4 Qh7 26. f5 and won in a several moves.

Kosintseva  v Lagno 1-0

Kosintseva  v Lagno

Here is another game of blunder alerts with Lagno playing 21…..Ra3? allowing 22. Qe8+ Kg7 23.Rb8 +/-

Stefanova v Gunina 0-1

Stefanova v Gunina

White still has some chances to hold position with 25.Rxd4 but instead the game continued like this: 25. Nxd4? Bc5! 26. Nb5 Rxd1+ 27. Qxd1 Bxe3 28. fxe3 Qxe3 -/+

Ambartsumova v Charochkina 1-0

Ambartsumova v Charochkina

Black is doing ok in this position and should play 25…Qc7 but instead played 25…Bxc4 missing the simple tactic of 26. Bxd6 attacking the Rook on a3 and Bishop on c4: 26…Rxb3 27. Qxb3! Bxb3 28. Rxc8 Bf8 29. Bf8 

Chen v Ubiennykh 0-1

Chen v Ubiennykh

The only move here for White is 19. h4 but played Rfb1 which loses to 19……Rxh2 20. Rb7 Qh5

Khotenashvili v Lagno 0-1

Khotenashvili v Lagno

Only after 9 moves a blunder was made from Khotenashvili by playing 10. Nd1? which leads to 10…Nxf3 11. Bxf3 d4 12. Bf4 e5 -/+

Kosintseva v Gunina 1-0

Kosintseva v Gunina








Kosintseva is ready to play 22. h6 in this position which Gunina should respond with 22….Bf6 but instead plays 22…gxh6 and after 23. Rh6 Nf4 24. Qe4 White got the decisive attack.

M. Muzychuk v Chen  0-1

M Muzychuk v Chen

It was an equal position but White has made the mistake 19. a3? Now Black is getting ready to play the attacking move of 19…..Nxd4! The game continued on with 20. Nxd4 Qxc5 21. Rad1 Bxg4 22. hxg4 Rxd4 23. Kh1 Rxc4 -/+

Paehtz v Lagno 1-0

Paehtz v Lagno

The position is about equal here (for example 26…Rxb1 27. Rxb1 Rb8) until Lagno plays 26…Ne5 and gives away the game. The game continued on 27. Nxe5+ fxe5 28. Nd3 Bf6 29. Bg3 Qd6 30. Bxe5 Rxb1

Sviridova v Shaydullina 0-1

Sviridova v Shaydullina

White blundered to mate in 2 with 15. Nd4?? as the game continued with 15…Qxh2 16. Kf1 Qh1#


Selected by Jamie Kenmure.