Anna Muzychuk and Olga Girya commented on the tension in the last rounds and their games

Anna Muzychuk: the tension in the last rounds is getting higher as usually. In my game against Anna Ushenina from 12th round I had worse position but managed to find counter play and in the end she missed mate. I can say I was a bit lucky. In general there are many mistakes and here I can mention my game against Harika where she could give me mate in one. I also missed victory in one move against Zhao Xue at the next round. Of course it shows that I’m tired after Grand Prix but I continue fighting for the highest places in the Rapid Championship.
Anna Muzychuk-Zhao Xue , 5th round 1/2:1/2


After 70.f5! White wins the rook and the game. Anna played 70. Bh8 and had to safer for 59 moves to make a draw.

Olga Girya: The tournament is going to finish soon and I feel tension because it’s forbidden to lose if you are fighting for something.  At the beginning you know you have chances to win back after lose but it’s not possible any more. We had very sharp game with Alina Kashlinskaya. I had feeling I don’t have enough recourses for attack but I was trying to confuse my opponent and she made a mistake.  The bishop endgame looked winning for me but she could have put more resistance.

Olga Girya- Alina Kashlinskaya, 12 round 1:0 
After 32.Be4 Black had to play 32…Be6 with equal position.  But after 32…Bc6? White found force line starting with 33. Qh7, which gave advantage to Olga.