The participants of the World Rapid Championship shared their impressions after the first few games

Maria Muzychuk: The tournament just started. In the first round I played with Masha Fominykh.  It was a complicated game; at some point I suspected it would end a draw, but I managed to complicate things and calculate deeper than my opponent. As the location goes, this is my second time in Khanty-Mansiysk – I played in the World Cup earlier. However, I cannot say anything about the city, because I was very concentrated on the tournament and didn’t go out.

Valentina Gunina: I was unlucky in the first game, and started with two losses, but then somewhat improved my score. It is quite cold here for the late April, but I am not concerned – the weather in my native Murmansk is the same. I also want to mention the opening ceremony yesterday – it was gorgeous.

Irina Krush: Losing in the second round was a bit disappointing – I got a winning position as Black, but then did something I don’t even want to mention. The third game went well, though. I won without much trouble. It is my third time in Khanty-Mansiysk, coming here every two years so far. The schedule is quite tight, but I think I’ll find time to walk around. Perhaps we’ll be dealing with blitz game quicker – after all it’s just ten games every day… At the World Championship in 2012 I had more time for walks, since I arrived in advance.