Blitz is all about fun and blunders because when you have only 3 minutes per game with 2 seconds increment, anything can happening. We will provide some diagrams that are interesting but also with blunder alerts as well.

Ambartsumova v Khotenashvili 0-1

Ambartsummova v Khotenashvili

In an equal position, white should have agreed with the draw, after 39. Qd2 Qg1 40. Qf2, but Ambartsumova tried to play for the win  the win, unfortunately Black’s attack was just a little faster. 39. Kf3? Qb1! 40. Qe2 Rxa2 41. Qe5 Qd1 42. Ke3 Qe2#

Zhao v Krush 0-1

Zhao v Krush

White did not expect to the pawn to be so quick even with the strong pawns on kingside. Zhao has played 46. g5 and after 46… a3 she can’t stop this pawn 47. h5 a2   -/+

A. Muzychuk v Stefanova 0-1

A Muzychuk v Stefanova

All White has to do is play 70. Kc8 and it is better for her but … 70. Ka8?? Rb8 mate.

M Muzychuk v Guseva 1-0

M Muzychuk v Guseva

And the same one: 35…Rh4?? 36. Qg7#

A. Muzychuk v Gunina 1-0

A Muzychuk v Gunina

Black plays for some tricks by taking the d4 whith the bishop, with idea 19…Bd4 20. Nd4 Nc5, but but gets mated immediately 20.Ne7#

Gaponenko v Charochkina 0-1

Gaponenko v Charochkina

Black has found a good combination: 19…Qxh3 20. f4 Qh6! 21. Kf2 Ng4 -/+

Guseva v M. Muzychuk 0-1

Guseva v M Muzychuk





White’s 32nd move Rdc1 was a blunder because Black is winning a Rook. 32…Bf2 33. Rf2 Rc1 -/+

 Games selected by Jamie Kenmure.

Lagno v Gunina 1-0

Lagno v Gunina

Black plays 28…Ng5 which is a mistake because it leads to this small but attacking combination 29. Nxf6+ gxf6 30. Qg6+ Kf8 31. Qxf6+ 

Paehtz v Chen 1-0

Paehtz v Chen

After white play’s 34. Nxg7 Rxg7 35.Qh6+ it is all over for Black as there is no good defence from here.

Stefanova v Zhao 1-0

Stefanova v Zhao

Nice attack coming for Stefanova for her 16th move. Here are the moves: 16. Rxg7+ Kxg7 17. Rg1+ Kh8 18. Ng6+ Kg7 19. Ne7+

Zhao v Stefanova 1-0

Zhao v Stefanova

Just the simple 30…Qd6 would be ok for Black here but instead Stefanova 30…bxc4 31.Bxc4 Qa5 32. Bxg8 winning a whole rook.

Ambartsumova v Ubiennykh 0-1  

Ambartsumova v Ubiennykh

Black’s idea of playing 21…Nxh4 is not so bad, especially after White’s reply 22. Bg1 and 22…Bg6 pinning the queen.

Fominykh v Drozdova 1:0

Fominykh Drozdova

White doesn’t need to worry about her rook on e1 and can simple play 28. Qh6+ Kg8 29. Ng5 Qxd5 30. Bxd5+ e6 31. Qh7+ Kf8 32. Qf7#. But  after 28. Rf1 Rc2 Fominykh played Qh6 a move later.

Lagno v Stefanova 1-0

Lagno v Stefanova

White is looking at pushing with c6 and this actually happened in the game. Let’s see how the game continued: 30. c6 axb5 31. cxb7! Nd7 32. a5 bxc4 33. a6 c3 34. a7 c2 35. a8=Q Rd1 36. Kg2

Girya v Zhukova 0-1

Girya v Zhukova

If you want to lose a Rook, play 24.Qd2 and you will. This actually happened in the game.

Sviridova v Sukhareva 0-1

Sviridova v Sukhareva

Here the position is equal until 17.Bd4 is played allowing 17…e5 and White losing a piece: 18. Be5 (18.Bc5 Nc3!) Be5 19. Ne5 Qe5 -/+


Selected by Jamie Kenmure.